Our Vision

Our vision with Dose of Roses is simple -- romance in both familiar and unexpected form. The rose is a lasting symbol of the devotion of love. It is sensual, its petals conjuring the image of sensitive skin. Alluring, twisting and flowering, even the petals of a rose alone give the impression of the whole.

A single rose is both an object and symbol, a statement grown and harvested for the sake of impressing emotion on its receiver. A bouquet is an abundance of emotion, heaved into the arms of an overwhelmed, grateful heart. And beyond that, flowers, and roses in particular, are frequently installed in art pieces, as images of beauty both transient and eternal. Archways, shields, parade floats and other incarnations of art everywhere adore the rose.

The rose has always captured the imagination of the heart. As a motif, it has inspired artists, knights, kings, emperors, and the common man for thousands of years. The bold beauty of the rose can be summoned up with just a thought. Whether with thorns or without, minds across centuries turn to the rose as inspiration, motif, and a focus for emotion.

Dose of Rose adores the rose. It is the most artful natural form in the world. And we’re not satisfied with mere art. We want to share with you -- our customer -- a double helping of romantic art.


We were inspired, like so many others, by the sensual appeal of the rose and its form. When our founder was brainstorming the perfect way to express the emotion he knew his customers wanted in a romantic item, he thought to the most universal expression of it. The rose is both subtle and extreme, and through the many varieties and uses it has changed into throughout the years, the rose remains singular in its meaning. How, then, do you improve on such a symbol?

The answer is easier than you might think. Recontextualize that symbol. Use its power, and innovate on its universality. Make everyone understand, with each beautiful creation, exactly the kind of message that is being sent, punctuated with an emotion anyone can intuit from the rose alone.

What we want for you -- our customer -- is to find the perfect, sentimental product, and make a connection with the rose-steeped inspiration that gave it form. Our rose products are just as bold and mighty as the flower that inspired their creation, and we would love nothing more than to have you love them as we do. Whether you buy them as a gift, a decoration, or a reward for yourself, we want you to feel inspiration flowing from our roses just as we do.





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